Phoenix 4 bar pneumatic knee
Phoenix 4 bar pneumatic knee
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Tehlin Phoenix graph-lite 4 bar pneumtic knee joint distributed by XPROS.

This state-of-the-art prosthetic knee provides lightweight true variable cadence, unequaled function and durability for the active to extremely active, above knee amputee. Designed as a 4-bar linkage, the instantaneous center of rotation is functionally located superior and posterior to the axis of the knee to enhance voluntary control, safety and energy consumption. The graphite composite fiber construction offers a weight-to-strength ratio that performs better than that of the strongest alloys. The internal structure is composed of a sophisticated pneumatic cylinder with full adjustability to provide variable cadence with an optimum gait while providing the highest degree of cosmesis.


  • Ultra-light, ultimate variable gait

  • Smooth fluid-like action

  • All sealed ball bearing axis

  • Extremely durable and dependable

  • Adjustable to pin point accuracy

  • High level stability



Material:          Carbon fibre

Product code:   A-TGK-4P00AW

Weight limit:    125kg     

Weight:           933g

Flexion angle:   135°

Warranty:        24 months